• Realistic Miniature Dolls

    Realistic Miniature Dolls

Colvin Dolls are one twelfth scale, realistic, mixed media art dolls entirely handmade for the collector. Each miniature figure created by artist and sculptor Sherri Colvin is an amazingly believable, highly realistic, character doll with BIG personality. Whether in a dollhouse, room box, miniature setting or as a unique piece of art, Colvin Dolls, just like their real life inspirations, are one of a kind.
Colvin Dolls Design Process


Every Colvin Doll begins as an original polymer clay sculpture by Sherri Colvin. Once cured, the sculpture is molded and hand cast in the finest quality artist resin available. This process captures all the detail of the original work, while providing durability for the delicate, sculpted parts. Each doll, even a repeated character, is unique and made entirely by Sherri.


Colvin Dolls are painted and sealed in a 5 step process starting with a flesh base of colorfast UV blocking inks protected by a clear primer. The face is blushed with pastel chalks for added realism and features are colored with a mix of acrylics and inks and sealed again.


Colvin Dolls are assembled with a wire armature which connects the head, torso, a separate hip section, arms and legs. The doll is then padded with cotton yarns or cotton batting and wrapped with cotton gauze to form the character's physique. The arms on most Colvin Dolls are pose-able and all standing figures are balanced to stand on their own.


Colvin Dolls are dressed with fine cotton lawns and silks. Costume patterns are specifically tailored to each figure and then sewn or adhesively constructed. Costumes are draped and set to create a sense of weight for greater realism. Colvin Dolls are wigged with fine English viscose fibers and colors are hand blended for a more natural appearance on the finished doll.